E-learning has reached a large number of students and have played an important role in helping them achieve their goals. Learning something new is always in the curious minds of the students. And E-learning has provided them the perfect opportunity to create a wide range of knowledge about several topics based on their school books or even what they want to know or clear their questions about. Learning through the internet has not only given them a place to ask whatever comes to their mind or what strikes them as a questionable, but also the visual modules and images help them remember subjects better. The process of E-learning is not only easy and convenient but also of great help to the students. They can read and learn about anything staying at any part of the world. They can even get experts advice and answers to their queries about any subject they want to know about.

Let's Learn About Edusphere

Edusphere is one such E-learning programme based on learning methodology and provides facilities to browse from a large number of courses to study by help of experts.Thus, the distance education is made easy for the students and with the help of modules, documents and online tests the students can even analyze their exam preparations. Doubt clearance is carried out by experts. Edusphere comprises of-

  • Doubt clearance by well-known experts.
  • A vast range of educational courses.
  • Guidelines to help u create good notes for exam purpose.
  • Online notes on different subjects with tricks to remember the most important points.

Edusphere provides a broad-spectrum for gaining practical and lots of theoretical information on your studies. The courses provide knowledge on the newest approach to each subject. And this can help you get through each topics of your subject and you can get a clear information on them. This creates a great scope of learning outside the classroom. Analytical reasonings are appreciated and methodological studies can help you learn easier

Documents, presentations for the respective studies and repetitive tests can help you analyze your performance better. Experts will analyze the test results and answers and help understand what is to be written more for a better answer. Opting for free demos can help you get a sight of the visual atheneum filled with notes and all kinds of information required for your excellence.

To any queries that one may have as a beginner can all be sorted out by a group of well-known experts. Be it visual demonstrations or theories or any diagrammatic description required for your studies , all will be provided to you in no time.

Online counselling programs will also help you with all the important needs and information’s you will must require for your deployment in future. The marks you must carry and what are required for you to be eligible for a certain placement will all be told. Students will be encouraged to gain a good career.

Students can not only get a great source of online study materials and videos but also will be analyzed according to their exam or mock test performances taken here to help them to know how to work harder to achieve their goals. Expertsadvices can help them get the best results and accomplish the requirement for essential documents to study. Diverse fields of studies like Commerce, Management, Economics, Pharmaceutical, Business (including overseas businesses), and many other can be successfully pursued by this well certified study platform.


So Edusphere is engaged in building your faith to achieve your goal and get a good career in your life ahead and thus has come up with quality education system to impart excellence in your field of education.


Careers First Choice is technology service provider of premium universities like MIT Pune , NMIMS , Chandigarh university , Shri Venkateshwara University . We helped working professionals to choose right course based on their requirement from reputed colleges/universities with the various courses and fees structure.

Careers First Choice is placed at the forefront of excellent education because of its academic quality , research focus and faculty from top national and global institutes and industries. Pursue a great career from a recognized platform.

We have a team of counsellors that help you pick the right course and grow in your respective fields.

Our Centralized Digital Counselling Centre is based in Pune (Maharashtra) as you see Pune is the education HUB of India.

Yes, we do offer Dual specialization

University will provide you hard copies of study material via courier at your mailing address within 21 working days. Also you will get access to digital campus facility where you will have E-books, study guides, live and interactive lectures also recorded videos.

Examination pattern is Online. Where 30 marks are assigned to Internal Assessments and 70 marks are assigned to Semester Exams 40% is the passing criteria.

Yes, we do provide Placement Assistance.