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Careers First Choice is one of the best educational consultants in Pune. Admission to the goodwill of the will, of vocational education, the consultation of education, students, parents are their knowledge, interests, and individuals. The road is helpful by supporting them with trusted services and other stages and other constraints. In educational advisory consulting services and university admission programs has been experienced for more than 20 years. Careers First Choice is a Trusted service. It has been promoted to the quality of potential educators and consultants to provide services from the Professional guidance. When we participate in the admission course, we do in proper time and way. Careers First Choice offers advice information to choose from a variety of options for a particular course/university.

  • Best Distance Admission Consultant
  • Excellence in Technological and Management Research
  • Experienced and Reputed Team of Counselors
  • Placement Assistance

Our Specialities


Course/University Selection

We helps our students in admission process of reputed universities/colleges with the various courses and fee structure


Student Profile Analysis

Careers First Choice informs and inspires students, providing them with all the necessary skills and knowledge needed to engage effectively and easily with the local as well as global communities


Experienced & Reputed Team of Counselors

We help students during and before the application process regarding documents required for admission, Fee Structure, Admission process.


Placement Assistance

We help our students in getting Placement right after completion of courses

Why Choose Us?

To help students achieve their goals, realize their dreams by the best Pune educational advisor in the world. Careers First Choice Make sure each of us will choose a free positioning process. CareersFirstChoice fuels our team of professional consultants to provide students with the opportunity for a specific university and promote lifelong learning. CareersFirstChoice is designed to change your life by providing industry-oriented course content to students.

Careers First Choice looks for how students and working professionalslearn, develop and educates for all learners. CareersFirstChoice recognizes that all courses recognize their disciples and provides continuous professional development opportunities.

Our vision is the key to human survival to improve convincing truth-based education in the new learning world. It is creativity, inspiration, and ambition of factual evidence and experience.

Help me provide work satisfaction and self-development to succeed and excellent environmental success, and get a job and achieve my personal and organizational goals. Provides difficult transfer and responsibilities and offers the opportunity to achieve performance and career development.



It’s a problem, but students are looking for themselves. Knowing what they want in life, some people can plan and establish appropriate options. Most of us are not so lucky, but a large choice of employment and an academic alternative can make you feel somewhat wandering and confusing.

This process is to tell you that you are a private key. Let’s better understand yourself. In this way, we can find your advantages, talents, and technologies, but you can see that your development sector is not appropriate to see you honestly.

Careers First Choice Pune Consultant Education Category. The player and our main activities support students pursuing Training in an educational institution. Our network of superior points and the perfect reputation of global institutions will help us provide high-quality educational services. Since more options are more educational institutions, choose courses with good universities and severe annoying events. Unfortunately, many students can get it because there is no information and knowledge.

We respond to universities and courses to provide maximum choices for students. We listen carefully to the student’s needs. We have studied their lawsuits based on their power, strength, and favorite financial conditions. We will lead students at all stages of the University entrance to the third country settlement process during the application process